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Your leather dyed as well as treated with vegetal products where chemicals of any character are not included taking care of the nature is the raw material used with the designer Manuel-Dreesmann to generate his selections of pieces like the nude clutch made by hand in Spain’s capital and that have a distinctive attribute that are rubber-stamped in the sun employing a novel dyeing technique gives exclusive characteristics to every print.

The design and development of each of the pieces included in each and every collection, the creator works to follow the process constantly to guarantee the quality superiority the product, inside MADRE we just use leather tanned naturally with plant elements that make it more expensive nevertheless of better good quality, the leather tan with veggie essences takes for a long time to be prepared than that that’s treated with stainless, but the high quality, texture and even the aroma are much more pleasing on the eye also to the touch.

The training courses located in the town of Barcelona their very own terrace where the characteristic structure of the brand can be printed utilizing a method of printing in sun rays which makes the item more natural with a strong personality.

The templates used in the manufacture of these products of the brand only use skins which can be considered as a new byproduct of meat creation and that abide by all Eu standards regarding leather materials

Each piece handmade leather goods is handcrafted by way of a team of professionals trained in leather attempt to shape the actual designs of your creator and will bring light a piece such as the clutch wallet purse that gives style to any girl who dons them along with combines along with your favorite pieces of clothing, to consider any occasion as well as anywhere.

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December 11, 2018