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Leverage Edu contributes to the growth of educational technology and artificial intelligence

The Leverage Edu enterprise created from the so-called nest funds, where companies and other organizations, in addition to individuals, invest an amount of money to support the development of new companies and companies that apart from generating dividends offer a help to society, in this is a technological tool that, with the help of artificial intelligence, connects young aspiring students to university studies in universities around the world, this link has never been so well formulated before, in Leverage Edu with the assistance of a group of advisors the students are guided through the entire process of career selection, application and tutoring in the trials and projects that these applications imply for the aspirant, this guide is a close relationship where the student receives the motivation and the push to achieve your career goals.

Those involved in the contribution of funds as well as users and tutors are part of a well-integrated and functional human team that relies on cutting-edge technological tools to produce tangible results.Already reach more than five hundred beneficiaries with the support of Leverage Edu, which also in a short time has become a financially sound company and in constant growth, in the words of its founders the expansion plans continue and aspire to reach a greater amount of users

Investors have been encouraged and the contribution and number of these has grown based on the trust they have in the project, the contributions will serve to expand and train the team that already works in new development within the platform, success seems to be guaranteed for This initiative led by young Indian talents who bet on the technology applied in the educational area as a firm growth in the coming years, serving an increasingly demanding and wide market segment: the growth prescribed for educational technology in the coming years only in India it is projected close to two billion dollars.

January 17, 2019