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Kryptoncapital taken their money but not invested in stock exchanges

So as we have told you that the bunch of scammers lead by ilan tzorya was performing fraud not simply Together with the people but they had been doing the fraud with all the businesses and krypton capital (krypton capital). They were blackmailing them asking for the resources and other things from them. That’s why the tzorya and his company called kryptoncapital has so many different firms as their child companies in various countries. So with all the held of every one of these companies the tzorya and his group used to perform fraud with all the people. They collected the cash from folks in the title of investments.

But rather than investing that money in they claimed that money in their accounts and created a massive profit. But now you may ask that the way the folks believed that they are not just being into a scam but they believed that they are only investing the money in their opinion. Then the answer to this issue is that the organization and the group lead by the tzorya and his team used to create it readily considered by the public to see the krypton capital along with other companies run by the tzorya group as the valuable platforms. People wished to make through these platforms but on the other hand they lost their money.

Even the ilan tzorya and His team only stated on the websites that they are paying enormous benefit to the countless the individuals those have spent the money on krypton platform. After that people started paying that money to the ilan group and they began keeping the all money in their hand. Rather than sending their money to the stock exchanges. The money remained into the lap of those scammers then the scammers ran out with people’s money. However, now that the tzorya is detained by the police.

January 8, 2019